group sessions

Group sessions are offered as a cost-effective means of gaining information and support as an ostomate.   They provide an opportunity to learn about a range of topics related to becoming or being an ostomate in a caring, supportive environment.

Group sessions focus on a particular topic and provide the opportunity to ask questions.  You will be able to see and hear other group participants and will therefore be able to listen and learn from their questions and experiences as well.

Group sessions are conducted online and are limited to 6 people per session to create a small, intimate environment that allows for individual question and answer opportunities.

To participate in a group session you will need a computer, iPad/tablet or phone with a camera and audio/sound.  You can remain in the comfort and privacy of your own home whilst connecting with other people going through similar experiences as yourself.

Details of upcoming group sessions are listed below.

Let’s talk about…

Avoiding bowel obstructions – factors within your control and strategies to reduce your risk.

  • This presentation discusses some of the factors within your control in relation to preventing bowel obstructions, and includes practical, simple and effective strategies that can help you to reduce your risk.
  • Questions relating to the topic will be welcome at the end of the presentation.

Date:    Friday 28th February 2020
Time:    10.00 am AEDT  (Check your local time zone here)
Cost:    $45.00 AUD per person

Places are limited, so if you wish to participate in this group session, please use the booking button below to reserve your spot.  If you have any questions please contact me. 
Payment for group sessions can be made in the currency of your choice via PayPal.

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I am a 70 year old male with an ileostomy for 40 years and was delighted to attend Margaret’s recent webinar on the subject of – Small Bowel Obstructions and Adhesions. Margaret is an expert at delivering concise, down to earth understanding of complex and relevant subjects on Ostomy health.
Margaret’s very interesting and instructive presentation shed light on the workings of the alimentary canal and issues that can cause problems for ostomates and best ways to mitigate them.
Margaret used her indepth expert knowledge to illuminate and explain the subject using instructive diagrams and text with clear concise language. Questions were discussed and answered with patience and empathy so we were left with helpful knowledge and many handy tips.
I would highly recommend Margaret to anyone with an interest in this subject and with a desire to improving health outcomes for ostomates
Tony Nelson – Auckland NZ

Very very interesting and informative.
David Moffat