Outreach Nutritional Presentations

Over the years I have travelled to many parts of Australia to provide nutritional presentations to groups of ostomates at support group meetings and association member events, as well as to professionals in the field at stomal therapy nursing meetings and conferences.  This is always my honour and pleasure as it is wonderful to interact with participants and answer questions in person.

These presentations range from dietary recommendations for general issues affecting many ostomates, to more specific workshops that address particular concerns, as outlined below.

Nutritional Presentations

A general nutritional presentation that is relevant to ostomates.  General questions from the group can be answered. Topic examples include:

  • Nutritional Advice for Common Stomal Issues

  • Benefits of Fibre for Ostomates

  • Let’s Talk About… Bowel Obstructions

    Nutritional Workshops

    A more specific, in depth and interactive group session with ostomates in which they can work through common problems and develop solutions they can utilise in their daily life to increase their wellbeing.  Specific questions can be asked and addressed.

    These services attract a fee which is influenced by travel time and expenses.

    Please contact me directly for details if you would like to explore this option.

    Many thanks for your wonderful presentation on Saturday afternoon at the Canberra Stoma Assoc. It was very interesting and informative.
    Jan Bush, May 2019
    Dear Margaret,On behalf of the QLD Stoma Association Inc representatives who attended the 2017 AASTN Conference workshop “Digestion after Stomal Surgery: Same or Different? “, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for delivering such an engaging and knowledgeable session.

    We thoroughly enjoyed our journey through the digestive system and now have a much greater understanding of the functions of the system and how it is affected by ostomy surgery. The feedback we have had from several STN’s who attended has also been overwhelmingly positive.

    Having had the opportunity to attend quite a few of your presentations now, I can honestly say that it is always a pleasure to listen to you speak!


    Outreach Packages

    An Outreach Package combines several of the Outreach Program options to provide a greater level of support and interaction over several days via a range of methods.

    For example, a Nutritional Presentation may be combined with an Outreach Clinic in the one area to create a greater reach and reduce overall charges.  From my experience many Ostomates are hesitant to talk publicly about their challenges in a group environment, and prefer private one-on-one sessions.  An Outreach Package offers the option for individuals to decide the level of engagement and support that best suits them.

    Please contact me directly for details if you would like to explore this option.