Capsicum nutrition vit C

I usually write nutrition articles for my website that address a specific topic or need within the ostomate community but, due to the multitude of variables amongst ostomates, and my need to cater for as many possible individual  circumstances and scenarios as I can, my articles take a LONG time to write.

Therefore, on this occasion, I am recording a short video to get this information out to you in a timelier fashion.   Hopefully, when time permits, I will have the opportunity to summarise this information into an article.  However, in the meantime, grab a pen and paper so you can take some notes for yourself.

Here is the link to my video.  I hope you enjoy it and find it useful.

Please note: the information I provide in the video is general in nature, and certainly should not replace any specialised medical or dietary advice that you have already received, or your personal experience of what works best for you.  These are suggestions only.  If you experience issues with gluten or dairy, for instance, please consider gluten and dairy free options.

Wishing you good health and happy days.


Article by Margaret Allan

Margaret Allan is a qualified Nutritionist who advises Ostomates and the general public on diet and health-related matters. Nutrition for Ostomates provides a range of consulting options - find out more on our Services Page.