Summer special health of ostomates

It is summer in the Southern Hemisphere which is always a time of fun and greater freedom.  We can enjoy the warmer weather and spend more time outdoors.   Our summer season also coincides with Christmas, so there can be extra reasons to feel joyful.   It is a special time of year!  To find out more about my special offer to you as a means of celebrating Christmas and the holiday season, read on…..

In previous years I have written about many important considerations for ostomates at Christmas, and provided strategies for navigating the festive season with greater success and peace of mind.  It is important to manoeuvre your way through the festive food and beverages on offer so as not to experience dehydration or a blockage at this time of year.  And managing your energy levels is also very important so you can enjoy the Christmas period more fully and freely.  If you have had your stomal surgery in the past 12 months, you may find benefit in reading these articles as well on my website.

A lot of the focus at Christmas time can be on others, which is understandable.   Buying gifts, making plans and preparing food can mean that there is little time to concentrate on your own needs.   However, once Christmas is over and the festivities have subsided, it can be beneficial to focus a little more inwards and think about the New Year ahead and what lies beyond.   In Australia, it is a time when many people take an extended break to enjoy the weather and refresh for the following year.

Regardless of the season at the end of the year, it is still a good time to rest, relax and reflect.   And a good thing to reflect on is the state of your health.   How it is, what you would like to change, how you would like to improve it, and what strategies you would like to implement to make next year better and more enjoyable.

My Summer Special

It is my Christmas wish that you start the New Year in the best health possible. To support you in this endeavour, I am offering a special 30% summer discount on Outreach consultations conducted between Monday 7th January 2019 and Friday 1st February 2019.  This discount reduces the consultation fee to AUD$105.00 per session.  A true summer saving!

If you have been thinking of booking a consultation with me for a while, now is the time! If you are unsure as to whether I am the right person to help you with your health challenges and goals as an ostomate, please book a FREE 15 minute clarity call using the link below:

You can book a time for us to have a brief chat in person via video.  Once you have booked a free call I will email you the details of how to connect via video.  A quick discussion of what is going on and how I can help may provide the clarity you need to take the next step.  Or if you just want to go ahead and book a session, please email me via my Contact Page.

I encourage you to start the New Year with the right tools to enable you to experience the best health possible.  Whether it is assistance with dietary choices, support with supplement selection to suit your circumstances, or simple strategies to increase your comfort and confidence as an ostomate, I may be able to help you navigate your way forward.

Wishing you a very enjoyable Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year!


Article by Margaret Allan

Margaret Allan is a qualified Nutritionist who advises Ostomates and the general public on diet and health-related matters. Nutrition for Ostomates provides a range of consulting options - find out more on our Services Page.